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Most international trains now arrive to Hlavní nádraží (the Main Station). We offer a private pick-up at EUR 15. However, we have to know your train and arrival time ahead. If you decide to book the transfer with us there will be someone waiting by the Burger King in the arrival hall with your name on a paper and the fare will be added to your total.

Please note that you have to buy a 32 Kc ticket (newspaper booth or coins machines at the arrival hall) for each of you and validate them once you are on the tram at yellow ticket machines. The ticket is then valid for 90 minutes which is a lot more time then needed to get to our house. Please do mind your belongings at all time as pickpockets have been reported on lines in the centre.

From the Main Station take the tram No. 15 (going out of the station building go to the right and you will see tram rails). There also is the tram stop. Go to the direction centre – to the left, and leave the tram on Malostranske namesti (Malostranske square).  Leave the tram and cross the street (the bus stop is across the street from the tram stop) and wait for minibus 192 that stops in front of our house at a stop called Sporkova right in front of the German embassy. Please note that you will have to signal (press button) to the driver that you intend to stop and we recommend doing so when passing the USA embassy.  Our House is the yellow house with flowers across the square from the German embassy. As the minibus only goes twice an hour and being it the only central bus line it goes somewhat irregularly as it has to go through all the very narrow streets you may also walk to our house. Go in the direction from which you arrived following the rails. Second wide street to your right by a clock standing in the middle of the road is called Trziste and is climbing slightly uphill. Turn, and go on keeping left (along several embassies), the narrow street at the top of Trziste is the beginning of Vlasska street. Keep left and walk as far as the street opens and you will see the German flag. There we are. Just opposite the big palace.

In case that you have decided to leave the train on Holesovice train station just take tram number 12 and go as far as Malostranské náměstí (direction centre – to the right when you will leave the station hall). Leave the tram, and follow the rails in the direction where the tram will go. Then as above.

While it sounds a bit complicated it actually is very simple and you should be here in about 30-40 minutes. 
While at other parts of the city taxi is recommended at the train stations the taxis still try to overcharge highly. However, there is now an official taxi stand at the Main Station. To find it you have to leave the station not through the new arrival hall but through the historical building a floor above. When leaving the platform through the underground corridor, just before entering the new arrival hall you have to go up one floor into the historical building. After leaving the building you have to turn right where you will find a taxi stand. We recommend AAA taxi yellow cars. They have an AAA logo on the side of the car and also their phone number which is 14 0 14. These taxi will always use a taximeter and will charge a fair price which should be up to 250 Kč.